Companionship with a dog is a lifelong process that starts as soon as you get your pup. Through conscientious care, training and love, the relationship will mature into something far exceeding your expectations.


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At Hopefordogs Canine Training, we believe in using compassionate and force-free methods in our coaching. Because humane and positive reinforcement is far more likely to succeed in achieving a training or behaviour change objective. Welfare first, training second.


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"Beneath every behaviour there is a feeling. And beneath each feeling is a need. And when we meet that need, rather than focus on the behaviour, we begin to deal with the cause, not the symptom."

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Suitable for puppies 8 weeks up.
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Why you should let them sniff

Mental stimulation: Sniffing engages a dog’s brain, and provides mental stimulation and enrichment. 

Behavioural outlet: Sniffing is a natural behavior for dogs, and allowing them to do so can help prevent boredom and reduce the likelihood of destructive behaviours at home.

Sensory exploration: Dogs experience the world primarily through their sense of smell. They explore their world and surroundings by sniffing.

Improved mood and reduced stress: Sniffing can have a calming effect and may help regulate cortisol levels, reducing overall stress.

What Pawrents Say

Our Testimonials

Thankful to Jacky for giving Tommy and me such a positive training experience 🙏 Tommy’s behaviour and willingness to cooperate have improved so much since he began training. Jacky was patient and understanding throughout, even though Tommy gets distracted easily. Highly recommended trainer
Jacky was very helpful and knowledgeable for the basic manners course. Our corgi tofu couldn't do anything but sit before the course and now he can do other basic commands more reliably and we are more confident about taking Tofu in public.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Jacky to train my 6-month-old Westie puppy in basic manners. From the moment we started, it was evident that Jacky had a deep understanding of canine behavior and psychology. What stood out the most was his ability to make training fun for both me and my puppy. He utilized positive reinforcement techniques that not only encouraged my puppy to learn but also strengthened our bond.
We learned so much from Jacky’s classes. His curriculum is practical and he was very clear in his teaching and rationale. He would take the time to explain how to apply the commands in day to day scenarios. We saw the effects of the training very quickly whereby Donut could stay in a down position calmly at the vet clinic instead of running about. He was so sensitive and gentle to Donut (who’s really skittish and NEVER approached any strangers) to the extent that she followed him around and ran after him at the end of our last class! He provided such a corrective experience for Donut that she started approaching strangers at the park during walks instead of running away from them. We were very appreciative that Jacky went beyond the scope of the curriculum to teach us how to build Donut’s confidence and gave us ideas to help Donut with her barking at home. Thank you Jacky!
Jacky's instructions are not only thorough but also incredibly easy to grasp. Our dog adores him and doesn't want the training sessions to end. One of the highlights is Jacky's homemade chicken treats, far superior to anything you can find in a pet store. Witness your dog's remarkable obedience with these treats – they work like magic! Highly recommended